Showcasing my editing skills, I have used popular films and some of my own work to create this 2020 creative editing showreel.

Editing 100%
Screenwriting 92%
Directing 90%
Cinematography 85%
Colour Grading 83%
Sound Design 74%
Visual Effects 65%


Using skills in editing, screenwriting, cinematography, directing, visual effects, and more, I produced my first award-winning feature film “Super Mix” – a post-apocalyptic adventure-drama exploring themes of mental illness, isolationism, and exploitation. The video to the left is the trailer, and below is the entire feature film. The budget was only £3500, and yet its quality certainly exceeds that.

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“Shift” – A supernatural thriller set on an ice rink – where a night-shift security guard discovers he’s not alone. I wrote, directed, edited, colour graded and provided the special and visual effects for this piece. For its production budget it successfully funded £2800, and was filmed over 3 nights.

Created during the COVID-19 lockdown, “Webcam” explores peoples’ reactions when their data goes into the wrong hands – in this case on a webcam stream that’s out of this world. 

“Webcam” was filmed remotely between all performers, and was created in the space of a week.


Having made many music videos, my favourite is the visual-effects heavy “…B.A.T!!” for The Abstracts and the late Felix Morgan. With its stunning visuals and elements of fantasy, it brings its audience into a world they could never imagine.

Working with Croydon artist Lord Zealous, I edited the music video to their track “San o Juan.” Using amateur footage, I was still able to encapsulate a sense of action and fluid motion in the piece.



Vive La Résistance!

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